Every table should begin with a great centerpiece, so we recommend a floral arrangement to start your table off right! Flowers and botanicals naturally give life to a room and will help set the tone for the rest of your tablescape. As the season changes from winter to springtime, there is a definite fresh greening to nature. Bringing in the colors of spring into your home and onto your table can be refreshing.

Lovely pastel roses are a nice floral option for your centerpiece. Pastel colors make us think of the Easter holiday and all the colorful eggs that come with it. We placed this bouquet atop an antique mirrored plateau to add some height to the center of the table. This helps give presence to this room.

Depending on the size of your plateau, feel free to add votive candles, crystal or any other unique finds. Since Easter is just around the corner, we chose various crystal baskets and filled them with pretty pastel porcelain eggs to give holiday spirit and fun.

Spring is also a time of new creation when seeds begin to sprout, trees begin to bud and nature is awakened. We chose to capture the season by adding this pretty chartreuse green and white hydrangea arrangement to this rustic table for a true nod to spring.

Mix Modern and Vintage

Give an opportunity for heirloom and antique pieces to shine on your tables. We all hold on to mismatched dishes, glassware and silverware. These items will add character to tablescapes and help give you a new perspective on those passed down vintage items.

We combined these antique Havilan Limoges plates with these casual green dinner plates for a great contrast of color. Adding a bold color dinner plate or charger will help bring out the hues in your floral centerpiece. If you stay within the same colorways, your tablescapes will look cohesive and intentional.

Pair up modern and vintage furnishings! These antique shield chairs combined with this rustic modern table adds a trendsetting styling your family and friends will love. The mix and match of different styles in furniture, finishes and soft goods is a very current way to dress your home. So don’t shy away from items that seem old fashioned. Instead, view these special pieces as diamonds in the rough.


Use What You Have

Many people may not want to put so much effort and money into a great tablescape because they are on a budget. There are ways to make your table look elegant without breaking the bank. We took an easy approach by wrapping silverware with a white paper napkin and using sprigs of foliage and tied them with natural twine for a simple decoration.

Use your garden to find pretty sprigs to dress napkins.

Remember, LESS IS MORE! We may feel that we need to have place cards, loads of  extra items in order to make a table look full and lavish for guests. Considering that you will be eating and needing a little elbow room, it makes sense to have an uncomplicated and quaint table setting. And it certainly makes sense to your pocket book!



The gold plated silverware was handed down to this home owner by her mother-in-law. She had never thought to use them before but was pleasantly surprised when she did. They went so well with the gold chargers. Pretty porcelain eggs were placed in the middle of these gorgeous antique Austrian china plates for a charming and no fuss look. It is simple but a very elegant touch. Using items you may have otherwise overlooked can be a blessing in disguise.

table settings

We hope you enjoy your special gatherings around your pretty table settings this spring!