Yellow: The Color of Summer

July 3, 2018

No one can argue against the beauty of yellow sunshine after a rainy day. It soothes and relaxes us, enhances our moods, and takes the air of joyful optimism with it everywhere it goes. Why not bottle this cheerful color up and introduce it to your living spaces? Yellow is undoubtedly the color of summer. Let’s explore how yellow will give a cheery and illuminating attitude to your mind and home!

yellow fabric interior design

Accessorize with Yellow to Complement Existing Colors

Yellow accessories lamps on a hall table complementing the colors of the walls

This room’s aura is nothing if not extraordinary. These beautiful John-Richard furniture items and accessories displayed here bring a bold and confident look for living rooms. The pop of bright sunflower yellow lamps look spectacular and truly invoke the splendid feeling of summertime! Yellow is a perfect choice to compliment the purple textured wall and pretty floral upholstered chairs.

The Color Yellow Can Enhance Your State of Mind and Mood

yellow plush pillow livening up sofa interior design enhancing memory and mood

Having yellow in a room conveys optimism and positivity. Add some positive yellow pillows to chairs and sofas and feel the positive vibes flow! The color yellow also helps activate the memory and enhance vision, which is another reason to introduce a little yellow into your living space!

Add Extra Personality to Your Room with Beautiful Art

Painting with splash of yellow paint and complementing a teal background

One easy way to brighten up a room is to decorate with artwork featuring splashes of yellow. It’s a nice way to cheer up tired walls. If you’re looking to create a nice effect, yellow and teal color combinations are a perfect match.

Bring Furniture Back to Life with Yellow Fabrics

Yellow throw brightening up darker colored sofa interior design

Toss a yellow throw on beds, chairs and sofas for a ray of sunshine!

Older barrel back chair restored with a touch of yellow fabrics

Bring an old barrel back chair to back to life with pretty yellow fabric! Whether you choose modern or traditional fabric designs, your furniture will look spectacular in the color yellow. These fabrics below are from the Mojave Sunrise collection by RM COCO.

Yellow can bring so much joy to a room. The confidence and boldness it carries is worth having this sunny color inhabit your home!