Why Choose Quality Furnishings? A Journey Through Our House Designs

April 10, 2018

leather furniture

Spring is the season when people are thinking about changing up their home’s décor. Most are on the hunt for substantial pieces of furniture such as a sofa. So, what is the difference between purchasing a custom and quality sofa versus purchasing a massed produced sofa?

We’ll explore one such business that answers this and affirms our belief, “When You Buy Nice, You Don’t Buy Twice.”

Mathison Interiors is very proud of the great relationships we have with our vendors and how they make our design business shine with the quality and handcrafted furniture they offer. Without amazing products, we could not make our client’s homes beautiful.

leather sofa

Sofa and ottoman made by Our House Designs.

Our House Designs, Inc. is just one of our many specialty vendors. They are a custom upholstery manufacturer who specializes in custom leather/fabric sofas, chairs and ottomans.  Our House Designs is a family owned business and believes in building the kind of furniture that their own family would enjoy. Let’s not forget their products are not only exceptional but are made in America. Our lead designer, Lynn Mathison customizes each piece of furniture herself by choosing the leather, frame and finishes in order to give her client’s a unique and exclusive look to their home.

“We take pride in the products we carry. We only choose the best!” Lynn Mathison

choose quality furniture

Bella is enjoying her quality furnishings.

What is the difference between purchasing a high-quality furniture product verses purchasing a mass-produced product? The answer is in the construction. It’s a better lifetime investment and more earth-friendly to see your furniture as an heirloom, not a disposable commodity. Handcrafted furniture tends to last longer so you may be buying less furniture over time than if you purchased a sofa that only has a few years of life in it. The wood, fabrication and construction all make a difference on how each piece will last.

Constructed with Quality

Mathison Interiors chooses quality constructed furnishings because we know these pieces will last.

While other furniture makers are looking to replicate a great looking sofa or chair, they fail to put the quality into how it’s constructed. Mass-produced items tend to skimp on quality foam, fabric and proper frame support in order to bring costs down. You may think you are saving money, but the truth is you will need to replace it sooner than later.

choose quality

Sofa pieces like this custom leather 3-seater from Our House Designs are made with a superior frame which provides a long lasting foundation for quality and comfort. The frame, spring and cushion comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Each style has a unique network of eight-way hand tied tempered steel coil in a combination created just for that specific piece. The highest degree of comfort can be achieved because each frame has its own unique spring combination to ensure stability.

Another benefit to how Our House Designs constructs their furnishings are the way their cushion fills are made with a combination of 80/20 blend of polyester fibers to help hold its shape and gray duck down- for comfort- enclosed in a down-proof ticking. Most overseas manufacturers use machines to blow cheap poly fill into cushion shells which break down and loses support much quicker than a hand stuffed and down/poly blend. Our House prides itself on providing resilient and durable cushions.


 Exceptional Leather

Mathison Interiors chooses fabrics and materials that are high in double rubs, natural materials and durability for inside and outside your home.

Fabrics will always make the difference in whether you choose quality. So many mass produced and big box retailers use imitation leathers and vinyl to cut down on costs of furniture. The leather from Our House Designs are notable. They use only pure aniline leather on their furnishings. Pure Aniline is the most authentic interpretation of leather you can buy. All of life’s beauty marks will be evident but remember, this type of leather gets better with age. Over time, you will love the age and character it displays.

Aged Aniline leathers are pure anilines that have had a wax, oil or clear stain finish added to them. These wax and oil finishes will change in color when applied to the frame, helping to add highlights of colors and interest to the detailing of the frame. This helps give each piece its own distinctive look. Most wax and oil finishes will show marks and highlight wear spots. This is intentional and will give each piece a worn look over time.


leather hide from our house designs


Frames and Finishes

Mathison Interiors wants our customers to have only the best woods and finishes in their homes. This is why we choose Our House Designs. They are a vendor we can trust.

Another great difference in buying handcrafted versus mass produced is the unique and individuality that you gain from a custom designed piece. Mass producing requires limited frames and finishes to select from, along with losing exclusivity. We would all agree that having a custom piece of furniture designed for who you are and what you like is far better than a piece that anyone can acquire. Mass productions are usually lacking in high craftsmanship and a good artisan handy work which machines could never emulate.


Our House Designs have frames which are constructed of four-quarter kiln-dried hardwoods, such as maple and ash. All their decorative finishes are applied by hand and will have a unique character and look. Texture and variations found in wood will cause variation in finishes which gives personality. No two pieces will be exactly alike.


As you can see, things are a little different at Our House.

“We’re a family, bound together by an uncompromising commitment to creating the finest handcrafted furniture produced anywhere in the world.” ~Our House Designs


“We value our customers and clients enough to give great furniture choices that will last for generations.” Lynn Mathison


choosing quality furniture



Sourced from Our House Designs