Why Buy Nice?

January 29, 2018

The infamous motto stated throughout our local commercials, social media and website, “when you buy nice, you don’t buy twice,” has become a memorable line in which our clients and customers have learned to expect and love. However, there is so much more to this catchy phrase.

Early Lessons

From my own purchasing mistakes in the early years settling for what I could afford rather than choosing quality, there is a lesson and true conviction of why I desire for others to recognize how buying superior, well-made home furnishings will NOT leave you with buyer’s remorse. This process is a great lesson in good stewardship. My buying and selling experiences throughout the years led to this well-known business motto.

My entire life I have loved furniture and beautiful things. I would enjoy decorating for other people. When I would help them decorate, I would go with items they could afford. Not too long after, they would need me to come back and replace things. As for myself, I bought what I could afford at the time and later realized if I had bought nice the first time, I wouldn’t have had to buy twice.

A Growing Philosophy

I quickly realized buying furnishings that were of good quality meant you would not want to get rid of it. When my girls came along and I got them involved in decorating their homes and buying furniture, I said just buy one piece, even if you can’t afford anything else. To this day they still have every one of those pieces. All they did over the years was to build upon them. That’s where our Mathison Interiors’ motto came from.

I remember a particular purchase I wished I had not made. I was really eager to furnish my den. I went to a furniture store I frequented when my girls were still very young. I knew I wanted neutral furnishings but they didn’t have the colors I really wanted, so I settled and bought what was available because I was ready for the den to be finished. I bought two orange floral chairs, an orange sofa, and an orange shag rug. Later I thought, I’ll never have another orange room in my life! I settled and always had buyer’s remorse. I learned that I needed to wait for what I really wanted. If you wait and get exactly what you want, you will always love it.

bedroom by Mathison Interiors

Making a Good Investment

Many people today live on a tight budget. They have never really gone the route of buying high-end, quality furniture because they think they can’t afford it. The lesson of stewardship applies to investing in better purchases. Investing in high-end furniture is really about being a good steward of your money. Over the years I realized I bought a lot of furniture just to “make do” because it was what I could afford, and I didn’t want debt. As I learned and grew, I realized I was being a better steward of my money if I bought quality because I didn’t have to repurchase anything, just add to it. Later in life and through studying the Bible, I learned the principles of addition and multiplication. God adds and He multiplies. The same principle can be applied to buying furniture. You can add to your room piece by piece. I own a furniture store and yet there is nothing in my house that I would want to change.

This is a great testament to the power of waiting on what is best, rather than settling for what’s good for today.

living room

Client’s Home

Purchasing Furnishings with Customers in Mind

Purchasing for clients and for inventory is another major part of what we do at Mathison Interiors. Every piece is bought with several thoughts in mind. The rule of thumb when buying inventory for the store is… would I buy it? Would I want it? There are some things that are of great value and I may really like it but I always ask myself…Can I sell it? I try to buy pieces that are timeless, have great quality, and something I would really want to sell.

Recently, at market, there was this sofa. I just loved it. It spoke to me. It was a little much for just stock retail furniture. But I thought, I would want that sofa. It sat in our showroom for only twelve days. There are people that may want specialty pieces which have an added flare or styling that is higher-end so I try to keep that customer in mind. I try to buy basic pieces that would be complimentary to what people would normally have in their home as well.

Mathison Interiors commitment to high-end furniture and accessories comes from a desire to provide clients and customers with durable pieces to last the next generation. We believe excellence starts with great composition. Whether it’s selecting a timeless piece or a custom-made sofa with lots of flare, each detail and construction matters. We strive to give you an excellent product that you can grow and build on, piece by piece.

When you buy nice, you don’t buy twice!