Three Simple Ways to Update a Room

February 27, 2018

As we get closer to spring, it’s wise to freshen up your living spaces to help give a new look and a new perspective to your home. The small changes sometimes make the biggest impact. Here is an example of a dining area which was given a quick and easy makeover by simply updating three items.

before and after

Update Your Artwork

Artwork has the power to change a room instantly. This client wanted to add a more modern and contemporary look to her dining room without redoing her entire space. It was important to help her select the right painting which not only embodied the colors and styling she was looking for, but also one the client was drawn to. We placed this beautiful artwork over our client’s buffet to lighten up the walls, give a more modern feel and introduce more color choices to the living space.

John Richard Art

Artwork from John-Richard


Update Your Lighting

Lighting can really emphasize and provide the right atmosphere for a dining area. This new contemporary artwork needed special lamps to complement its modern feel. We added these beautiful crystal lamps from John-Richard to accent the painting. The subtle yellow crystal disc on the base of these lamps brings out the yellow in the painting and gives an intentional design to this dining room.


clients dining room


Update Your Accessories

Accessories are to a room as jewelry is to an outfit. Just like choosing the right jewelry for a dress, you want to have the right accessories to meet your rooms aesthetic. Our client needed an accent piece between these two lamps to help marry this entire look. When you are dealing with different proportions, it’s good to try different accent pieces to see what works best. We centered this beautiful oblong nickel and gold textured bowl on the buffet to mimic the silver frame on the painting and reflect the shine of the crystal lamps. The overall look is fresh, modern and inviting! A perfect ensemble!

john richard decor

Accessory from John-Richard

Incorporating just three easy changes will update your space instantaneously!

Remember, when you buy nice, you don’t buy twice!


Happy Spring Decorating!