Moving in with Mathison Interiors

August 28, 2018

Moving is an important event in anyone’s life. All at once, it can be exciting, stressful, and chaotic. As much as someone can try and plan for the future, the reality is that you are uprooting your whole life and leaving the home where you’ve spent so much time creating memories. This can make it hard to take a step back and make sure that you have all the right pieces in place. At Mathison Interiors, we like to step in and help make sure that the client’s visions for their dream home are realized, and allow them to focus on all the logistics. This can take some of the pressure off the move-in process.

newly moved in home, title image for blog about moving in with help from professional interior designers

The Mathison Interiors Move-In Method

Before we get the process started, we have to get to know our clients. Everybody’s move-in is different—some prefer to ditch all their old home furnishings and start completely from scratch, while some like to keep the pieces they treasure the most to bring along with them. If we’re working with someone from that latter group, then we want to get a feel for the furniture too. We can use our expertise in figuring out what new furnishings might pair well with the old ones, and which rooms they work well in.

Once our team gets to know the clients and their belongings, the real grunt work begins. Budgeting is a sensitive issue, but an important one. We know that homeowners in the process of moving have already made several financial commitments. At this stage, setting a budget ensures that no unexpected costs come up further down the line. As tricky as it can be to set a budget, if it’s done carefully, then both sides can rest assured that a plan is in place.

kitchen tile removal during renovation

One potential factor that may come up during a move-in is the need for renovations. While the clients may have already fallen in love with the property, achieving the perfect dream home might require a few tweaks here and there. Maybe the countertops aren’t right, and they need to be granite. Maybe the tile looks a little rough, or maybe the kitchen needs a new backsplash. The team at Mathison Interiors has plenty of experience and connections in these areas to draw from. We always put our clients in touch with the best home improvement companies, should that need ever arise. And if there are renovations that need to be done, that gives us another opportunity to shine. New home features lead to new ideas for furnishing and accessorizing, after all.

Move-In Day!

Once the new home is ready for move-in, the real fun begins. We like to have all the larger furniture pieces—what we call “the bigs” here at Mathison Interiors—in the new space before anything else. These larger pieces will set the tone for all the shifting around and reconfiguring that comes afterwards. Your larger furniture pieces carry the most personality, and they have to fit flawlessly into the existing space.

Interior design of living room with hardwood flooring covered with area serapi rug, brass legged ottomans

We spend a little bit of time during these first stages of the move-in assessing the scale and balance of each room and the furniture pieces that will go into it. Our expertise in this area is pretty strong here at Mathison Interiors. We like to think this is the area we bring in the most value for our clients—in helping them achieve the perfect balance with their decor. The scale of a room or living space will determine many things, like the height of a lamp, the arm of a sofa, the size of a frame, etc. Carelessly planned spaces won’t have the elegant look that every new homeowner dreams about, so if we’re going to wow our clients then wee need to be prudent with our placement of their furniture and accessories. They deserve no less.

Once the space is a little bit more occupied, we can start thinking about the secondary details of the interior designs. That means accessories, draperies, art installations, and lighting. The placement of “the bigs”, that balance of the overall space, informs the choices you make in decorating with accessories. We carry a large inventory in our Mathison Interior showrooms, so our clients have endless options to choose from. At first it can be overwhelming, but since we’ve gotten to know the new home so well, we can guide our clients through the process of selecting pieces from our showroom. Once they’ve chosen pieces that they like, we begin work on the final stage of our installation.

The Big Reveal

This is the most rewarding part of the process for us at Mathison Interiors. We love to be with our clients when they come face-to-face with the result of countless hours of hard work. You won’t see any TV cameras or production crew, and there won’t be a commercial break, but what you do see is the look on their faces when they see that their dream has been realized. You see happiness, joy, excitement, and above all relief that the job is finally over. As they make their way through their new home, each room delighting them more than the last, they begin to picture themselves living happily ever after in their new dream home, and we get to share in that moment with pride that we helped make it happen. That’s why we do the work we do here at Mathison Interiors.

Let’s take a look at some before and after pictures from a recent move-in installation for one of our clients and see the transformation from empty house to dream home!

Picture of bedroom during renovations before move in

Doesn’t look like a dream bedroom now does it? Wait for the end result!

Bedroom after move-in, new bed frame with new bedding, pillows, and updated color palate to match new carpet and walls

Remember that kitchen renovation from earlier? Let’s check out the before and after pictures.

Kitchen before renovation

These countertops and flooring were not working for our client. Luckily we were able to set them up with one of the best renovation teams in the area!

Kitchen after renovation, laminate countertops replaced with granite, new appliances, beautiful wall art

Now this looks more like a dream kitchen!

Let our expertise save you from hours of stress. Our team is here to assist, whether it be helping select a single piece to complete your space, overseeing the whole moving project, or anywhere in between. We love helping clients move in, and no job is too big or too small!