How to Mix and Match Pillows on a Sofa

June 4, 2018

If you love pillows like the rest of us, there can sometimes be a dilemma when choosing the best duo, trio or quartet to select for your sofa. Mixing and matching pillows on a sofa or loveseat doesn’t have to be difficult if you remember several simple guidelines.

1. Choose A Good Textured Pillow

throw pillows

Dressing a sofa, love seat or bed with pillows is better when you incorporate a great texture. Throw pillows that have a special weave and form allow a great building block for other patterns and colors in your room. Throw pillows are created to enhance the look of your furniture thus giving even more depth and interest to a space.

We chose this faux white fur pillow to be our fun texture pillow on this sofa. It loves the light and the surface is soft to the touch which makes any lounging experience worth a seat.

2. Choose The Right Scale Of Patterns

throw pillows

Pattern on pattern can be quite intimidating at first, but if you stick to selecting different scales of patterns, you will find how easy this simple rule can make the process. The trick is to select small, medium and large patterns. Above is a great faux fur textured pillow paired with a medium sized geometric pattern and a smaller scaled patterned lumbar pillow. The reason this combination works is because your eye isn’t drawn to one particular pattern or color but rather the entire combination. Each pattern doesn’t compete with the other, rather they compliment each other.

3. Choose A Variety of Sizes

Whether you choose to fill your sofa with two pillows or five, gather sizes that go from a large to small. We have talked about how texture and the scale of patterns can give your bed or sofa interest, now let’s choose the correct size pillows for an optimal look.

We chose these large 22″x 22″ cowhide pillows as the back up pillows for this sofa. These 22″ x 22″ rust colored fortuny pillows fall next in line. We added a small lumbar pillow for the center to give more color and interest. This is a traditional pillow arrangement, yet if you think you have too many pillows, simply remove the center pillow or take off the cowhide and fortuny pillows on the right for a simple more contemporary look.

Below we chose a more asymmetrical arrangement of pillows for a modern look. Again we selected a larger 22″ x 22″ back up fur pillow on the end with a 20″ x 20″ velvet orange pillow followed by a 19″ x 12″ lumbar pillow. On the right we placed a large 28″x 16″ lumbar cheetah pillow which helps to balance out the left.

4. Choose A Color You Love

More important than choosing the right scale, pattern and texture of a pillow is to think about the color. We recommend a neutral color sofa to give you more options of pillows. Ultimately, it still comes down to buying what speaks to you. Throw pillows can change an inconsistent room into a cohesive and beautiful space. Choose colors from a piece of art or rug you have in your space to help gain some inspiration on what colors will look best with your overall design. You can use muted and neutral color pillows or colorful mixes of pillows. Enjoy the process. You will soon learn to appreciate the power of a pillow.


mixing pillows

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