Give Yourself Permission to Have a Nice Home

April 24, 2018


home design

If we give ourselves permission to surround ourselves with beauty it reflects a lot of who God is and what He wants. God wants us to have our homes in order. He wants our homes to be a refuge and a place of peace. If we are so hung up on it being materialistic, ask yourself what is it that you can afford, make a plan and work your plan.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

So many times, I see my clients struggle with the idea of having a nice home. They feel like it’s materialistic or worldly. I try to tell them that it’s all in how you look at it. God is a God of excellence. He wants us to be a good steward of all that we have and part of that is taking care of the things He has entrusted to us. I believe God would like for us to have our homes in order. They don’t have to be luxurious or so over the top that people can’t get comfortable. You can have a space that is beautiful where you and your guests can feel comfortable and relaxed and still stay within your budget.

home design

What do you want your home to say about you? What would make your home comfortable? Some may say a clean and orderly home is what makes them most content and comfortable, while others may say having a well decorated space is what makes them happy. When someone comes into your home, you want them to be comfortable in your space.

Ask yourself what it is that you really want, then ask God what it is you need to change. If we don’t give ourselves permission to have our homes in order, we miss out on the beauty and restfulness our homes can provide. We should remember that our homes are an extension of who we are. Your space affects you not only visually but mentally. Our home should be a refuge and a sanctuary, a place where we can recharge.

 Getting Organized is More Than What You See

Not everybody has the gift of organization. I find that when we go into someone’s home and reorganize their space and put it in order, the majority will keep their home exactly how we left it. One of the reasons people get so disorganized in the first place is that they don’t have a proper place to put things. Those things pile up and create clutter around the home which mentally can create an unhappy or hopeless attitude.

home design

I remember a client who was really wrestling with having a beautiful home. She could afford anything she wanted. We sat down and had a talk. I told her that with her lifestyle, it was important for her home to be presented in a way others could be comfortable as well as herself. When she finally gave herself permission to have a beautiful home, it really gave her freedom to enjoy her home and be proud of it. The key is giving yourself permission.

Being a Good Steward

I’ve had others that could not afford to get everything they wanted all at once, but wisdom is in being a good steward. One specific client was able to grasp the idea that she could make a plan to save her money month by month and purchase items according to the room or vignette she wanted to create. Within a few years we have almost completely redecorated every room in her home. Getting what you love may require saving and budgeting on your part, but it certainly will keep you from falling into deep debt. The philosophy works on both ends of the spectrum.

home design

What is it that you want your home to reflect about you? It’s not about the dollars-it’s more about, beauty, order, and peace. A lot of people are stuck. The main thing is being a good steward of what you have and making what you have count. It’s all about stewardship. Make sure your home fits your lifestyle and your budget. You want your home to communicate who you are and the life you would like to live. So, when you open the door and let guests in, you feel proud of your home. You are really inviting them into yourself.

~ Lynn Mathison