Fine Furnishings: A Look into John-Richard

May 22, 2018

“It’s important for us to work with great companies and great people. John-Richard is such an asset to our interior design and retail business. We are privileged to partner with them.” ~ Lynn Mathison


John-Richard Designs

Unique Designs and Artisan Crafted

Mathison Interiors is honored to carry stunning and luxurious home furnishings from John-Richard. They are a first-class business with distinctive furniture, lighting, art and accessories. How do they keep their products on the cutting edge of the design world? Maybe it is the collaboration with award winning designers and world-renowned artists which help to create a melting pot of innovative and high-end crafted merchandise.

“Traditional or transitional. Exotic or classic. Every single item in John-Richard collection is masterfully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. No corners are cut. No materials are compromised.” ~ John-Richard

john-richard furniture

A Great Mix of Modern and Traditional

Mathison Interiors is currently a John-Richard gallery. We have been offering John-Richard products to our local customers and clients for almost a decade. We chose to partner with John-Richard because of the artisan crafted design work and detail which is put into every piece created. Our clients want their homes to stand out and be an individual reflection of who they are. John-Richard furnishings and case goods are those specialty pieces which really make our clients love the interior decorating that we do. When you have pretty things to choose from, it makes our job so much easier.


Client’s home furnished with John-Richard products

Another reason we chose John-Richard is because their modern and transitional pieces really marry well with traditional and antiquated décor which is what the majority of our clientele has. The deep South is known for great traditional décor passed down from generations. Most people would like to keep those heirloom pieces. Our specialty is to incorporate clients existing furniture into our design and highlight them with more modern updated items for a fresh new look. John-Richard helps us to achieve the best mix.

“Design is at the heart of John-Richard. We are inspired by history, provenance, great foreign cultures, exotic materials and finishes as well as the particular talents of superb artisans. Each season, we aim to delight the consumer with unexpected details such as unusual veneers and carving, reverse painted glass with art motifs as well as natural agate and crystal accents. The art of the hand seen in the etched steel finish of some new Art Deco inspired pieces is very of the moment.” ~ John-Richard

john-richard decor

“Mathison Interiors and John-Richard share a common idea that great design is at the heart of what we do. We are inspired by their humble beginnings from starting with only five employees here in the United States in 1980 to growing into an international business with offices and facilities around the world. It’s such a great story.” ~ Lynn Mathison


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