Bold and Beautiful Lighting

Bold and Beautiful Lighting

June 19, 2018

lighting fixturesLighting is a must in every home. Without it, our living spaces would lack ambience and basic function. No one can deny the beauty of an amazing piece of lighting. In many ways it is like artwork and should be presented as a focal point in a room.

Lighting in a Foyer

lighting foyer

The foyer is the first impression to your home’s interior. Introducing a pretty chandelier or large pendant light fixture will give a grand entrance and welcome guests into your home with the expectation that there is more beauty to come. Depending on how your entryway is designed, choose to center your lighting for a good balance in a room.

lighting in foyers
Not all homes have large open foyers and entryways, so make sure to select fixtures that are proportionate to the space. One of the most common mistakes people make is to choose fixtures that are too small. You want your lighting to make a statement so the size and scale will matter to the over all design. If you happen to have a staircase and second story viewing of the foyer, go big on your lighting.

Lighting in Living Rooms

Enhance your room’s ambiance with lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting and wall lights. Lamps are ideal when placed on a bedside side table or sofa table for extra lighting for reading. Try recessed lighting to highlight artwork or to highlight nooks that have interesting architecture. Wall lights are great for bathrooms, hallways and used for pretty ambient lighting. A variety of lighting fixtures will work for both accent and functional lighting needs.

Lighting in Dining Areas

chandelier lights The dining room is another focal area of the home which should shine and sparkle with a magnificent light fixture. Let your lighting choice help express your own personal style, while still appeasing your general needs for the space. Whether your entertaining style is casual or more formal, choose a fixture that reflects your décor.

For this particular client, we chose this stunning rock crystal chandelier to be placed over this traditional dining table and chairs. It blends with the classic design of the space and draws attention to a major focal area which beckons family and friends to have a seat and share in great food and great conversation.

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