3 Ways to Utilize Accessories in a Space

June 12, 2018

Arranging accessories are a necessity and an essential part of a completed room. Grasping the fundamental ideas for placing accessories in a space will give you an even better presentation. Here are three great tips to help!

Scale and Balance

One of the fundamental parts of adding accessories to an area is to think about the scale and balance of the items. First select the focal point in your room. We chose this side wall to become the focus. This breakfast nook has an antique Spanish buffet placed on the side wall of this table. We centered a vertical painting to bring the eye up and placed two medium lamps on either side of the painting for symmetry. Because of it’s rustic nature and scale, we chose this wooden dough bowl to be placed between the lamps. Choosing a symmetrical lay out is safe because it is guaranteed to work.

green interiors

Arranging an odd number of accessories can work as well, it just takes a little more thought. Think about placing your items like steps on a staircase, one higher, medium and smaller piece grouped together creates a collection and gives amazing balance. While three is considered the universal number of accessories to use for an asymmetrical look, it is all about the scale and balance you bring to the focal area.

Tip #1

Here’s a tip for accessorizing a breakfast table: We recommend you place one simple piece to fill your table to add the right drama. This glass bowl is the perfect trick!

This dining area below gives another example of using symmetry to bring the right balance to a wall. Again, we chose to draw the eye up with the placement of these custom framed etchings. We then created a place for the client’s collection of crystal and antique China, all while flanking either side of the demilune with silver candlesticks.

Tip #2
Here’s a great tip for installing framed art: Hang several small to medium sized pieces to create a mini art collection or fill an entire wall with equal sized frames for the gallery look!

Simple, Clean and Functional

When purchasing a new home, it gives the opportunity to start with a clean slate. A home that has been lived in for years takes more work than it does to start fresh. Either way, we suggest removing all the accessories and visual clutter first. Next, place all the larger pieces in their proper location… then ask , “Do I need a lamp…chair? Rug?… to complete the scale and balance of the room.


Now bring in accessories to see which pieces will work best with the function of the room. For example, you may have already chosen a lamp to brighten up a corner rather than a decorative vase. You may want a large piece of art rather than a grouping. Sometimes one large accessory is enough on a chest with a lamp. We might also recommend you incorporate items important to you, such as photo frames, vintage items, or childhood art projects. These items can add a touch of individuality and make your spaces unique.

Most importantly, keep your room simple. Add pieces that you love and need but don’t overdo it. Simplifying spaces gives a clean and well-kept look. As you add each item to the room, step back and see if it makes sense and feels balanced.

Accessorize with Color

Accessories can provide the perfect amount of color and marry an area together. We have talked about the power of pillows and how they can be the perfect accessory for beds, sofas and chairs because they provide color, pattern and texture. After you choose a few throw pillows, you can select other accessories in similar colorways to place around the room. Place these items on either your coffee tables or end tables. These will help tie the look together. Here is a neutral room where we added these pretty orange fortuny pillows. We then placed several items on this large coffee table to compliment the pillows and other wood pieces in the space. What a difference an accessory can make!

Tip #3

Every piece should have a function and make the space complete. If you start questioning items, pause and ask yourself if it enhances the room or takes away from the beauty. Be thoughtful and intentional about what you choose to put in your space.


Happy Summer Decorating!