How to Choose the Best Accent Chair for Your Space

April 18, 2018

Transitional accent chairs

Nothing brings function, color and style to a space better than an accent chair. Whether you choose a transitional, modern, or traditional piece, your family and guests will benefit from the comfort and hominess it brings. Accent chairs offer not only extra seating but give touches of color, texture and shape to spaces such as, living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, entryways and family rooms.

Before you go off and buy just any accent chair, there are several questions you will need to ask yourself in order to select the perfect one for your room.

What’s Your Style?

Many people struggle with knowing their design style. It may not be clear if you have a traditional, modern or eclectic home, yet more often than not, you typically will gravitate to a particular look. If you buy what you truly love and cannot live without, you will not go wrong with how it will fit into the rest of your décor. If you are still not sure what your design style is, ask yourself the following questions:

accent chairs


1. Are you more of a minimalist? A minimalistic approach is choosing accent chairs that feature clean lines for a subtle statement. Low backs and low seating with very simple and solid fabrics are reminiscent of mid-century modern design which is a trend we are seeing more often in homes.

2. Do you love animals and gravitate toward nature? Take a walk on the wild side with an accent chair covered in a great animal print. Leather and cow hide combinations go well with rustic and farmhouse décor. It can also be paired with traditional furnishings. Again, it’s all about what speaks to you.

3. Do you love bold color and patterns? If you do, go with a strong daring print and bright color to highlight a great art piece or to feature a color on a wall.

4. Do you love traditional furniture shapes with a modern twist? You’ll love transitional looks which have the classic lines and designs of the past mixed with a contemporary fabric or finish.

Where Will You Use It?

Accent chairs can be placed in so many areas of the home. There really isn’t a wrong area to put an accent chair. Here we placed these pretty Chippendale ball & claw footed chairs with a white washed finish in our clients bedroom for a French chateau look. These go well with the overall styling of the bedroom yet provide functional seating adding that extra special design, unique to the owners.

accent chairs

Traditional accent chairs

Think about the area you want to place the chair. If you want to snuggle up by a fire where you can read a good book or drink your morning coffee, you may want a plush more durable accent chair. Leather chairs are always a great choice. If you decide to get a chair that will rock, swivel or recline, you will need more room and space then a standard chair that is stagnant.

What Size Chair Do You Need?

There are so many sizes to choose from when it comes to accent chairs. It goes back to function. You want the scale of your room and the proportions of the chairs to be correct or it can leave a very unbalanced space. Scale is one of the most important considerations when purchasing furniture so we recommend you measure your current furniture and space before you buy.

accent chairs

Transitional accent chairs

Not only do you need to think about the size of the room, but also the height and width of your other furniture and the people who use it. Try to provide different size seating options for taller and shorter guests in your space. This helps to make all your guests feel comfortable. Remember, your accent chairs should sit at the same height as your sofa and other chairs. If your chairs are larger than your sofa, it can look disjointed.

Animal print accent chair

Animal print accent chair

Selecting an accent chair can really change up a living space. We recommend you look through magazines, or other ways and snip a picture or two so you can have an idea of what you may like. If you still are not sure what you need, please feel free to call or visit us in our showroom. Our team is always glad to help. We guarantee you will find something you love!

Remember, “When you buy nice, you don’t buy twice!”