5 Quick Tips to Summer Decorating

May 29, 2018

Now that nature is in full bloom, getting ready for the summer and the warmer months ahead will just require a few tweaks and subtle changes to your interior. We have five great tips to welcome in summer. Yes, quick tips, like a simple twist of lemon in your glass of sweet tea!

Tip #1 Lighter and Brighter Toss Pillows

Summer is known for bright sunny days, vacationing with family, outdoor entertaining and lounging. What better way to lounge than with comfy pillows. Give your home an instant summer makeover by simply switching out your pillows. If you use brighter and lighter hues on fabrics, you can change a piece of furniture instantly!

summer decorating

Aqua blue is still going strong in home decorating. What we like about these aqua and gold mixed toss pillows are the light reflection and summer shimmer you would see in a summer sunset at the beach or poolside. Aqua is serene for any space and works well with a wide variety of colors.

Go for a light fluffy faux fur pillow mixed with that summer glimmer. This gold laser cut hide pillow is a great choice for a sofa or chair. It mixes well with all sorts of pillows. Both these combinations brighten up the leather sofa and give a great summer feel.

Tip #2 Summer Floral

Floral and botanical pieces are a must for summer decorating! Flowers bring nature inside the home for a more organic component. Whether you choose fresh flowers or faux, they will give the hint of God’s creation surrounding you.

summer decorating


This orchid cymbidium is a great choice because it is very wispy and light. Hydrangeas are also a great option for summer décor. If you love the scent of fresh flowers and do not have the gift of a green thumb, Mathison Interiors carries a wide variety of botanicals. If you are missing the smell of fresh flowers, there are wonderful natural fragrance air fresheners to give you a little help as well. Yellow and orange florals are always a great choice for summer!

Tip #3 Bring Crystal Shine

Glistening clear crystal is a perfect option to add to your accessories for summer. In fact reflective materials are always a show stopper for any season. Set crystal and glass near windows and window sills or areas that have beams of the summer sun shining into the room. Crystal really catches the light providing a kaleidoscope effect to a space.

summer decorating

Tip #4 Light Breezy Draperies

Take advantage of the summer sunlight when it comes barreling through your windows. Instead of using thick heavy curtains to block out the rays change up your draperies to a lighter and airy fabric so you can take in all the natural light. Sheers are a great choice to diffuse light and still give privacy.

Tip #5 Lighten Up Beds

Warmer weather means less on the bed as well. Dress your beds with white or pastel coverlets to “summer up” your bedrooms. Adding lighter lamps, a brighter painting and accessories can create a cooler and ready for summer look!

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